XDM 4,5 Black GBB CO2 4,5 mm 20BBs 1,8J MAX

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Springfield Armory is one of the most prestigious weapon manufacturer in the USA. Established in 1777 by order of George Washington, it issued the Continental Army with weapons during all the Independence War, and kept producing weapons for US armed forces until the Vietnam War, designing and making weapons as famous as the Springfield Model 1861, the Model 1863 and its Trapdoor conversion, the M1903, the M1 Garand, the M14, and much more.

Closed in 1968, the legacy of the federal weapon manufacturer was saved in 1974 by the Reese family. Springfield Armory, Inc. still produces the firearms that made the greatness of the original factory, such as the M1A (a M14 derivative), the XD semi automatic pistol, as well as reworked AR-15 rifles (SAINT brand) and M1911.