KALASHNIKOV AK47 Co2 4,5mm Steel BBs E=3 J. Max /C2

Sale price €342,00

Discover our brand new version of the AK74 in 4.5 mm under Kalashnikov license !

Réf. : 128302

Are you a fan of the 6mm version AK74 replicas? Then you’ll love the 4.5mm version!

This 4.5mm version of AK74 is a non-blowback replica that runs with CO2. With a power of 4.3 joules, it is accurate, easy to use and to maintain, this replica will not let you down. Made of metal and real wood, this 4.5mm AK74 offers you a high level of realism.

This is a perfect replica if you are looking for great sensation and shooting experience.