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Did you like the FN SCAR®-SC made in partnership with ARES? You will love the version developed with BOLT!

Réf. : 200828

We are pleased to present this new version of the FN SCAR®-SC. Manufactured in collaboration with the famous brand BOLT, this is an exceptional EBBR!

Everything has been done to offer the best realism possible:


  • Its blowback mechanism gives it a solid and powerful kick, offering excellent sensations and an even more immersive experience;
  • With an aluminum upper receiver and a nylon fiber body, a combination that is as realistic as robust, while reducing the total weight for greater comfort;
  • The official markings are like the finishing touch to this licensed SCAR-SC;
  • Different colors: black, grey and tan give it a unique look! You will be sure to find the right version for any of your customers!


Internally, everything has been made to ensure durability and to support the B.R.S.S. system.

This product comes with an extra magazine, a BOLT sticker, a FN SCAR®-SC patch, a Cybergun certificate and a user manual. 

We can assure you one thing with this new FN SCAR®-SC: your customers will love it!

  • Its patented B.R.S.S mechanism offers a powerful and very realistic kick;
  • Its mechanism is robust and offers a very high reliability;
  • A T-DEAN lug offers better connectivity for more reactivity; 
  • The official markings, dimensions and materials used are as faithful as possible to the original weapon;
  • It is available in 3 different colors: black, grey and tan;
  • This brand new SCAR model has a folding stock, ideal for CQBs; 
  • A long picatinny rail allows you to mount several accessories;
  • Customize it with a sound moderator, tracer unit or other accessory thanks to the 14 mm CCW thread.
  • The replica is packed in a beautiful box and is held by two velcro loops;