FN MINIMI® MK46 DE(P) AEG Dark earth Plastic body 6mm 1,5J C/2

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To all support players and heavy weapons fans, here is a replica made for you! The MK46 replica made by A&K under licence FN Herstal is waiting for you!

Réf. : 200008

History of the replica : 

The MK46 is a lighter version of the M249 with a picatinny rail handguard. Developed for the USSOCOM, this weapon is still used today. Designed in the 1970s, the FN Minimi (for Mini Machine Gun) is a lightweight 5.56x45mm machine gun, whose role is to increase the firepower of squads in combat. Its gas-borrowed, wedge-breech design allows it to operate with the M27 disintegrating ammunition belt, which has a capacity of 100-200 rounds ; Moreover, the FN Minimi is one of the few FMs that can use STANAG magazines. Adopted by the US Army in 1984, then by the USMC the following year, several version of the M249 were subsequently produced, including the famous FN M249 Para, a compact model for airborne units with a short barrel and a retractable tubular stock; it is also the most recognisable and one of the most widely used versions. Today, the M249 is recognizable to all video game fans, with notable appearances in licenses such as Counter Strike, Arma, Call of Duty, Squad and Player Unknown: Battleground.

Product overview :

Let yourself be seduced by the MK46, the version of the M249 developed for the USSOCOM. A high quality replica well known to all airsofters. Like the original weapon, this AEG replica offers two firing modes: safety and full automatic. Compatible with a 2400 BBs Ammobox and M4 magazines, our all-metal replica is faithful to the weapon it is inspired by, weighing in at 4.8 kg! Enjoy a replica that feels as close as possible to the original!

Details :


  • Full Auto firing mode, ideal for a support role in game
  • Adjustable hop-up for better range and accuracy
  • Quick change system allows you to alternate between springs and thus change the power of the replica
  • Metal gearbox and reinforced gears for unmatched reliability
  • Handy and solid replica thanks to an ABS body that limits the weight to 4.8 kg
  • Metal bipod and stock
  • Ammobox of 2400 BBs supplied with the replica