FN MINIMI® M249 AEG Black Nylon fibre 6mm 300BBs 1J /C4

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The M249 machine gun is the American adaptation of the Minimi®, one of FN Herstal’s biggest commercial successes.

Designed in the 1970s, the FN Minimi® (for Mini Machine Gun) is a light machine gun whose role is to increase the firepower of squads in combat, without using different ammunition than assault rifles. Adopted by the US Army in 1984, then by the USMC the following year, the American version will then take the designation M249.

Produced under FN Herstal license, the FN M249 has a reinforced nylon fiber body that weighs less than 4 kg on the scale!

Find out more about the features of our replica below!

Réf. : 200814-EU


  • Nylon fiber replica with multiple picatinny rails compatible with many accessories (optics, handles, PEQ housing)
  • Telescopic stock adjustable on 2 positions allowing to adapt the length of the replica to all morphologies
  • Equipped with 3 ambidextrous attachment points, placed on the stock tube of the replica to add a strap
  • Possibility to add a silencer, just remove the flame cover and a 14mm counterclockwise thread will appear
  • The M249 PARA is fully compatible with A&K ammoboxes with the possibility to add a string of fake cartridges


  • Gearbox V2 with 8 mm bearings that reduces friction when rotating the gears
  • Mosfet that optimizes the flow of electrical current
  • 6.03 mm barrel for better stability and accuracy when shooting
  • Equipped with a quick spring change system particularly appreciated by players, it allows to downgrade or “upgrade” the replica without disassembling the gearbox
  • Adjustable hop-up that significantly increases the range and accuracy of the replica