FN FNS-9 GBB Gas culasse metal 22BBs 0.8J /C12

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Take a look at the FN-FNS 9, our replica with the FN-Herstal license. A compact gas pistol with optimal performance. It will be a perfect backup!

Réf. : 200511

The FNS pistol range was introduced in 2011 by FNH USA, an American subsidiary of the renowned Belgian company FN Herstal. Developed to compete with the increasingly popular Glock striker-fired pistols, this family is largely based on the FNX pistols. The FNS range also includes FNS Compact and FNS Longslide pistols in 9x19 mm and .40 S&W.

All FNS handguns are pre-set striker fired semi-automatic pistols, which means that the trigger system is a double action type without a hammer. The body of each FNS pistol is made of impact resistant polymer with removable grips of various sizes while the barrel and slide are made of stainless steel. 

FNX pistols are equipped with fully ambidextrous controls, including manual safety and slide release levers, as well as magazine release buttons. All versions are equipped with fixed 3-dot sights and a Picatinny accessory rail under the frame.


 The FNS-9 and FNS-40 pistols are used by some police departments in the states of Oklahoma and Kansas in the USA while the local police in Liège, Belgium are equipped with FNS-9 pistols.

The FN FNS-9 GBB is a replica with a semi-automatic firing mode. It has the official markings and all the characteristics of the original weapon thanks to the exclusive worldwide license FN-Herstal. You will find the ambidextrous controls, exact dimensions and an additional alternative buttstock.


You will have a versatile and powerful replica that will always be useful in game!


  • The replica has a metal slide and polymer body, accurate to the original weapon 

  • Replica with FN Herstal license

  • Semi-Automatic firing mode 

  • A powerful blowback for an optimal shooting experience

  • A replica powered by gas 

  • Ambidextrous controls 

  • A robust replica in all circumstances