FN 5-7 FDE GBB Gas Nylon Fibre 0.9J /C12

Sale price €167,40

A new version of the FN Five Seven® is available from Cybergun! Come and discover this replica under FN Herstal license in a new color!

Réf. : 200524

History of the replica :

The FN Five-seveN® is a belgian designed semi-automatic single or double action pistol (depending on the version) manufactured by FN Herstal. As its name suggests, it is chambered in 5.7x28 mm, the same ammunition as the legendary FN P90®. Initially developed for law enforcement and special units, this weapon can piercing individual protection while being accurate thanks to its low recoil. 

Nowadays, it is known as the "mata policia" because it is widely used by the cartels for its performance.

Product overview :

Let yourself be seduced by the new version of the FN Five-seveN® replica from Cybergun. This officially licensed FN Herstal product is now available in two different colors. 

This high quality product is made of polymer but retains robust metal intern parts. It has an ambidextrous safety, official markings and is faithful to the design of the real weapon. This is a versatile and robust replica that will be your best ally in your next game.

Details :

  • Gas propulsion system offering an impressive kick
  • Two firing modes: safety and semi-automatic
  • Adjustable hop-up for increased range and accuracy
  • Full polymer replica for a perfect combination of versatility and ruggedness
  • Picatinny rail located under the barrel to add accessories such as a light or a laser