EMG FN P90 SMG: AEG / Black / 6mm / (EU)

Sale price €495,00

You have all been waiting for it and it is finally here! Come to discover the new version of the P90 from Krytac. A top of the range AEG you will not feel indifferent about!

Réf. : KTAEG-FNP90-BK02

It is with great pleasure that Krytac, Evike.com and Cybergun bring the FN P90 into the 2021 era. This collaboration will offer you a high quality replica with amazing technical improvements never seen before on a P90.

This replica offers an outstanding finish and reliability. Under the official FN Herstal licence,  it has exactly the same characteristics as the real weapon. Dimensions, markings, materials, firing selector, magazines; everything is faithful to offer you the best possible experience.

At the cutting edge of the airsoft technology, this replica has many advantages over other versions available on the market:

- Finally a P90 replica with a quick spring change;

- An electronic card integrated, allowing allowing a shooting stop at the end of the magazine;

- Possibility to adjust the trigger stroke easily;

- An internal worthy of the Krytac brand which will never let you down. 

You will have understood, this replica is made for players wanting a faithful, compact, versatile and a modern replica. This is the new must have for all CQB experts.