EMG FN P90 SMG: AEG / Alpine / 6mm / Custom Edition

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Discover the FN P90 Alpine, the winterized replica signed EMG x Krytac!

Réf. : KTAEG-FNP90-ALP02

The FN P90 is a concentrate of innovation as FN Herstal knows how to produce.


The original weapon was born from a request of the Belgian armed forces, which were seeking to modernize their weapons. 

The first constraint was to think about a light weapon and therefore designed in polymer. 

The next step was to consider the size and firepower of the weapon. The FN P90 opted for a "bullpup" system, with the 50-round magazine located at the rear, which considerably reduced its size. The 5.7 x 28 mm ammunition places it in the category of assault rifles as it is much more powerful than the 9mm Parabellum chambered in other machine guns.

With such characteristics, many special forces units adopted it, such as: French GIGN, Belgian Commandos Marines, the Spanish GEO and the famous American Secret Service all opt for this compact, reliable and powerful weapon. 


Popularized by television and video games, it can be found in the series as Stargate SG-1 and in these two famous games, Counter Strike and Call Of Duty.

This Spring 2023 brings a brand new version of the FN P90 Krytac nicknamed Alpine. Characterized by its black and white color scheme, a new rail design and an extended barrel, this new model is unique!

Developed from a collaboration with 3 famous names - Krytac, EMG and Cybergun, this replica features a quality with an internal technological upgrade never seen yet on a P90; offering a big quality and reliability gain. Under the official FN Herstal licence, it shows an excellent realism while offering you an original look!

At the cutting edge of the airsoft technology, this replica has many advantages over other versions available on the market:




    • Quick spring change;
    • Electronic card integrated, allowing a shooting stop at the end of the magazine;
    • Possibility to adjust the trigger stroke easily;
    • Quality internal from Krytac.


    You get this, this replica is at the same time faithful, compact, versatile and modern. This is the new must have for all CQB experts.

    • Polymer and aluminum body
    • Power of 1.4 joules or 380 FPS
    • Weight of 2.250 kg for a length of 560 mm
    • Rear mounted battery with Dean wiring (Dean to Tamiya mini adapter supplied)
    • Recommended battery: Lipo 7,4 V 30 C 
    • Quick spring change accessible from the battery compartment  
    • Trigger stroke adjustment possible with a spanner
    • Disabling of the firing stop at the end of the magazine can be deactivated
    • Magazine capacity can be changed from 50 to 200 rounds
    • Internal barrel length of 255 mm
    • 3 firing modes: safety / semi / full
    • Replica sold without a battery and a charger