EMG F-1 Firearms PDW AEG w/ eSE Electronic Trigger Black RS-3 350 fps

Sale price €495,00

Réf. : 14145

  • CNC finished aluminum alloy F-1 UDR-15 3G 2.0 skeletonized receiver with larger ports
  • CNC machined aluminum S7M MLOK handguard allows to mount numerous accessories, full length top rail accepts all common 20mm accessories
  • New eSilverEdge gearbox featuring advanced S.D.U. chipset to manage shot-to-shot amperage draw (gearbox only pulls 11 amps at ~380 FPS) for improved consistency, performance, and instantaneous trigger response making this stock gearbox one of the most efficient ones on the market
  • Quick spring change system allows users to easily change the spring (and power) of the rifle without having to disassemble the gearbox
  • Ambidextrous fire controls allow for both right and left-hand shooters
  • Noveske licensed KX3 muzzle device
  • 7.7" handguard, 6.5" outer barrel