Colt 1911 Ported Gaz (Tan Slide, Black Lower) /C12

Sale price €134,91

Discover the new Colt range with the 1911 Ported!

Réf. : 180164

If you are looking for a Colt 1911 that offers good performance and a nice finish, then this GBB is for you! Easily customizable, this Colt licensed replica has been designed with the goal of creating one of the best products on the market. 

The Colt 1911 Ported is a modernized version of the Colt 1911 :

  • It has an ergonomic thin rubber grip for comfort
  • A more pronounced beavertail offers better control when shooting; 
  • Breech vents and a reworked firing pin and trigger give it an aggressive look; 
  • Its sights have also been modified, making it easier to aim. 

Available in different colors, this is a GBB that will have no equivalent in the field!

  • The replica is made of aluminum and harden rubber ;
  • Available in three colors: black and silver; tan and black; silver ;
  • The replica is under Colt license ; 
  • Firing mode: semi-automatic, safety ;
  • It offers a powerful blowback ;
  • Gas operating.