AWc VX8 Mod 2 Tan GBB gas 6 mm Full Auto /C12

Sale price €134,91

Discover the VX8, the semi and full auto pistol from AW CUSTOM!

Réf. : AW-VX8201

Introducing the VX8, the full auto replica of the licensed VX series. This model has been designed by Armored Worked and offers solid performance and reliability!

It has the following features:

  • An aluminum slide and a lightweight polymer body
  • Semi & Full firing selector 
  • Textured handle for a better grip
  • A light and fast kick for more accuracy and a good rate of fire
  • 3 different versions are available with different types of bolts
  • Threaded barrel allows for the installation of a compensator or silencer
  • AW Custom™ logo molded on the grip
  • Rail on front of trigger guard to mount a light or laser
  • Moderate power of 0.8 joule, for 280 fps tested with 0.20 g BBs, Swiss Arms 130 PSI Green Gas at 20 °C