Auto Ordnance SQUADRON GBB Gas 6mm 17BBs 1J / C12

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This series of three replicas is inspired by the 1911 customs created by Auto Ordnance to commemorate World War II. The SQUADRON refers to the volunteer pilots who fought during World War II in the 1st American Volunteer Group. The squadron’s nickname comes from a painting first done by Eric Shilling, one of the pilots, on the nose of his aircraft depicting a gaping shark’s mouth. It was inspired by the paintings done on the Messerschmitt Bf 110 by the pilots of the Luftwaffe’s Haifischgruppe (“Shark Group”).

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Réf. : 430503


  • Replica developed in partnership with the exclusive worldwide Auto-Ordnance license
  • Replica with a full metal body
  • A slightly damaged body to give you the feeling of a “Combat Used” (you can damage it further as you wish)
  • Gun metal paint used to give that real steel feel
  • Textured real wood grip with United States marking
  • 1911 safety on the grip and a safety on the slide
  • Equipped with an attachment area at the bottom of the grip to add a lanyard
  • Squadron - engraved slide with the famous American star symbol and “US” engraved on the bottom of the grip
  • Slide engraved with a WWII fighter plane (P40 / Hurricane, etc.), with the famous shark mouth design